Energy Assessment Levels


Rate Comparison – Is a straightforward assessment of your current electricity/gas rate schedule with other retailer rate schedule offers, making sure you are receiving the most competitive rates available for your situation.

*Rates are subject to change, and depending on the schedule structure are worthwhile checking at least every 6 months.



Level 1 Energy Audit – Is a basic walk-through assessment of your site and identify any obvious energy saving measures. This level of audit is beneficial as an initial investigation to determine if it is warranted to conduct a thorough level 2 audit if issues are detected. The level 1 audit also assesses energy bills (previous 12 months), and the electricity retailer’s rate schedule and compares to other offers currently available. A level 1 audit provides you with a brief report, with a load profile, and inexpensive energy saving opportunities including rough estimated payback period for any expenses required to implement the measures. Recommendations for a level 2 audit are made if further analysis is required for problematic areas.

The level 1 report is great to refer back to for assessing if energy consumption has increased and/or energy saving measures that may not have been a priority at the time of the report.



Level 2 Energy Audit – Is inclusive of the above assessments, however, the more comprehensive analysis of the site’s energy consumption assessing appliances and their energy ratings. This audit is intended to provide more specific details and payback periods for any suggested energy reduction measures and is recommended if there are major issues and there is intent to implement measures that would require outlaying money to rectify the issue. The comprehensive report will provide information to assist with decisions around larger outlays to resolve large energy consuming issues. 

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