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Freak Storms Do Happen – Make Sure You Include Your Solar Power System In Your Home Insurance

This is a short reminder to include your solar power system, and/or solar hot water system in your home insurance. Because freak storms happen, trust me I know, a massive hail storm came through Cape Paterson on Friday and did so much damage to houses, local shops, and the lifesaving club, this type of weather is certainly not a regular occurrence here. Although I have not heard of any solar power systems being damaged in the area, they could have, meaning you need it covered.

You may not need to have it itemised in your insurance or even tell the insurer that you have it, but make sure the value you have on your home is adequate. I recommend ringing your insurer to be sure of your obligations for disclosure, and under what conditions your system will be insured.

It is not often solar panels are damaged by hail or other weather events, but just to be sure, check it out.


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